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Conservation Through Public Health

In Uganda, Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) is an associated member with ICVolunteers. CTPH is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to promoting human public health and wildlife conservation in Africa. Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) believes that the most efficient and cost effective way of controlling diseases such as tuberculosis, scabies, brucellosis, rabies and ebola that spread between wildlife, people and their animals is through integrated human and animal health programs, particularly around protected areas in Uganda.


There are approximately 650 mountain gorillas left in the world, half of which are in Uganda. Mountain gorilla ecotourism provides important revenue for surrounding communities and rural settings. However, this revenue is threatened by human disease. The poorest people live next to protected areas and have very little access to modern primary health care and information on human and animal diseases. Two scabies skin disease outbreaks in mountain gorillas have been associated with people. Communities bordering protected areas are also at risk from wildlife disease. Recent field surveys have shown that some people do not boil their milk, thus exposing them to bovine tuberculosis from cattle that mix with buffalo.

Conservation Through Public Health received funding from the North Carolina Zoological Society to develop a strategic plan with stakeholders in September 2003.

CTPH offers a range of services to both organizations and individual volunteer. Services include:

CTPH works in the fields of Wildlife Health Monitoring, Human Public Health and Information, Education and Communication in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and is now expanding its programs into Queen Elizabeth National Park. In Queen Elizabeth National Park, the local community grazes their cattle within park boundaries where transmission of tuberculosis from buffalo to cattle is suspected.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To promote conservation and public health by improving primary health care to people and animals in and around protected areas in Africa.


  • Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
  • Lawrence Zikusoka

Role of ICVolunteers

Through its CyberVolunteers Program, ICVolunteers assists CTPH, in particular in the area of information management (newsletter development), database development, translations and more.


Conservation Through Public Health, Plot 39 Babiiha Avenue, PO Box 19050, Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: +256-77-330139, Fax: +256-41-342298

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