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rosa nunez
I live in Costa Rica. Went to school to become a land scaping architect, right now I'm just doing some landscaping studies; I believe that healthy ecosystems and environments provide vital goods and services to humans, and the ways of living more sustainably can take many forms from reorganising living conditions (ecovillages, eco-minicipalities and sustainable cities). Moving towards sustainability is also a social challenge that entails, international and national law, Urban planning and transport. Therefore I would like to volunteer in order to learn more from the Professionals and be able to share the little that I know.
— rosa, Israel
Gracy Gruart
I am a Brazilian / Italian national, lived most of my life in Brazil, then some years in Belgium, U.A.E. and France. I would love to do something useful and change (even if a little bit) other people's lifes.
— Gracy, France
Louise Heem
+ July 2010 – Present: Free lance Interpreter in French, English & Spanish -simultaneous & relay: conferences (Nutrevent, conferences about money laundering organized by CCFD, Norauto Road safety awards, etc.) - consecutive and whispered: business meetings, delegations (ministers, MPs, non-profit organizations, journalists), etc. - liaison: TV & radio broadcasts, peer reviews in nuclear safety (WANO, EDF), etc. + November 2001 – Present: Community interpreter and translator in French, English, Spanish and Italian, coordinator - assignments in social centres, hospitals, jails, NGOs, non-profit organizations, National Court of Asylum, tribunals, etc. - assignments by telephone with OFPRA (French Office for the protection of Refugees and Stateless persons), OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration), police and fire stations, SAMU (medical emergencies), SAMU social (social emergencies), etc. - translation of administrative, legal and medical documents, etc. - coordination in the headquarters of the organization
— Louise, France
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