Joint School Project

A bridge between Lycée de Ferney-Voltaire and school in New Guinea
Photo © N. Jacobs
Photo © N. Jacobs
Nathalie Jacobs, traducción española Katherine Chollet
18 September 2007

On Saturday, the 8th September 2007, the Lycée International in Ferney-Voltaire (France) held an annual text book sale organized by the Parent-Student Association (APE):  a large number of books were donated to the School Project which is run by ICVolunteers and links the APE in Ferney-Voltaire to the APE in Fougou, Republic of Guinea.

Secondary education in Guinea faces a number of challenges including poor resources, lack of materials and teaching equipment: the School Project aims to develop intercultural exchanges between the parents and pupils and to provide assistance in the fields of training and education. The books will be sent to Fougou to be used for library and teaching purposes.

Representatives from the Lycée will take part in a Global Forum on Youth and ICTs on 25th September at the International Conference Centre in Geneva. If you are interested in volunteering or participating in this Forum go to our link.

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