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AIUTA - Annual General Meeting and Preparatory Session for the Shanghai Conference

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

25 - 27 March 2004, Paris, France


International Association of Universities of Third Age (AIUTA)

Project details

This biannual conference is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas for all those dealing with the well being and continued training of older persons. The Paris meeting was an opportunity for the organization to gather for its Annual General Meeting and prepare the upcoming Shanghai AIUTA World Conference together.

The aim of the Universities of the Third Age is to offer study possibilities and a wide range of courses and conferences to retirees, in order to promote their active citizenship and open spirit to the world. The 22nd AIUTA Congress will be held in Shanghai (China). It is an opportunity to discuss the development of education for the elderly, looking at different models, such as the educational possibilities offered in the UK, China and elsewhere. Shanghai provides an interesting venue in that it has moved forward, under the leadership of the municipal government, and has made rapid progress in education for the elderly and preliminarily set up a school running network of education for the elderly at four levels, i.e. municipal, district (county), sub-district (town) and neighborhood (village). This includes four municipal-level universities for the elderly, 65 universities for the elderly run by the districts, counties, bureaus and big enterprises as well as branches of municipal-level ones, 219 schools for the elderly run by sub-districts and towns and 3,276 branches or teaching points of the schools for the elderly run by neighborhood (village) committees.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Two volunteers were in charge of interpreting from and to French and English.

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