Violencia contra las mujeres: el papel de los profesionales de la salud

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

01 - 02 Diciembre 2000, Ginebra, Suiza
Universidad de Ginebra.


Service pour la promotion de l'égalité, State of Geneva.


200 medical doctors, nurses, social workers and other paties interested by the subject.

Detalles del proyecto

For many years, international organizations (UN, European Council, WHO, UNICEF) have been pointing out problems related to violence against women, considered to be a violation of human rights. They urge nations to undertake concrete steps to reduce the problem. In its 49th General Assembly, WHO defined violence, and particularly violence against women, as a high priority public health problem. WHO also drafted an action plan to deal with this issue.

Health professionals are on the front line to detect violence against women and to assist victims. However, it appears from studies, mainly conducted abroad, that response from health care authorities needs to be considerably improved. Generally, health professionals lack experience and information on the problem and often feel helpless when dealing with victims. The aim of the present conference is to provide continued education and training to health professionals, regardless of their level of responsibility.

Oportunidades de voluntariado

Six volunteers will help with the following tasks:
  • Welcome and assist delegates
  • Provide administrative help

Proyectos a corto plazo

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