Training of ICVolontaires-Mali

Resumen del proyecto

Fecha y lugar

15 - 16 Junio 2007, Bamako, Mali

Detalles del proyecto

The presence of ICVolunteers in Mali is not new; since 2002, a series of projects have been implemented. What is new today is that the team of ICVolunteers-Mali is embracing, bit by bit, the approach and philosophy of ICVolunteers to set up projects in Mali implemented by people from Mali. The key word here is: "empowerment" or "accompaniment" and not simply "transfer".

A two-day training seminar came together in mid-June 2007. These exchanges are one of the elements of a range of training modules planned this year with the team of ICVolontaires-Mali and its partners.

Our Malian office has its headquarters in Bamako, Mali's capital. Its board is composed of twelve people. The core team is composed of fifteen Malians, made up of several technical, linguistic and organizational profiles. The seminar was an opportunity to share information regarding the operations of ICVolunteers, its projects and modalities of financing. This session was also an opportunity to refine the different job descriptions of national offices.

Proyectos a corto plazo

ICVoluntarios promueve el voluntariado y su reconocimiento, favoreciendo la participación del ciudadano, poniendo en contacto organizaciones, individuos y comunidades así que acompañando sus esfuerzos en esta área. En esta perspectiva, ICVoluntarios desarrolla proyectos y lleva iniciativas.

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