Bridging the Gap Conference

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Dates and Place

17 - 18 April 2008, Barcelona, Spain

Project details

ICVolunteers-Barcelona took part in the conference "Bridging the Gap", organized by the association FACEPA (Federation of Adult Education Centres and Associations in Catalonia), in collaboration with Agora (School of Adult People of Verneda - St. Martí), the Lifelong Centre of the Scottish University of Hull and the FOF Rosing Raederske.

These organizations all strive for active European citizenship: Bridging the Gap aims to create dialogue among people from different local communities and share their experiences, opinions and values.

The project "Bridging the Gap" is a practical application of the methodology "Dialogical Literacy Circles" in the debate on European Citizenship which aims to create a common space for reflection on the new European realities.

In countries participating in the projects (Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark), various discussions were organized around Europe and its identity. These areas of participation are open and accessible to all, creating a platform of exchange and thinking, based on democratic values and principles of equity.

Composed of 6 volunteer interpreters, the ICV team ensured interpretation from and to Spanish, Catalan and English, thus bridging the linguistic gap among participants.

To learn more about the "Bridging the Gap" project, see:

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