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07 Diciembre 2002, Gienbra, Suiza

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Anyone looking for genuine Geneva folklore will not want to miss this event!

The Escalade is an opportunity to touch on a little bit of the history of Geneva.
During the night of 11th to 12th December 1602, the Savoyards attacked the city of Geneva by climbing the walls with long ladders? hence the name of "escalade". Fortunately, a bold matron by the name of "Mère Royaume" managed to keep the invaders at bay by spilling a "marmite" (pot) of boiling soup over them, and then alerting the soldiers of Geneva.
Traditionally, at Escalade time, the people of Geneva like to eat their chololate "marmite" filled with candy vegetables in memory of this historical event.

To celebrate the Escalade, the city of Geneva organizes many events. Among these, a pedestrian race across the old town that will take place on Saturday 7 December. Hundreds of runners participate every year, from professionals to amateurs, teenagers and children.
In keeping with tradition, vegetable soup is served during the festival, but heartier meals are prepared in the Parc des Bastions, near the start and finish line of the race, along with many other entertaining events.

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