Maria Luisa Araneta
I am interested in expanding my horizons by seeing new challenges in an international environment and in different field after many years of working directly with people of individual differences in the way of diversity of experience I have worked. I have commitment in my implemented goals and a wide visions to offer.I have enjoyed a reputation of an efficient, flexible and well-rounded academic educator and have a knack for immediately establishing a good rapport with co- worker especially in my department. My academic background and professional experience can contribute in which way or the other to the vision of your organization. My accomplishment did not circulate only in teaching I also managed to assessed including current and future staffing needs, overseeing allocations of financial resources, and managing budgetary process which is part of my duty and responsibility as an English Department Head.
— Maria Luisa, Switzerland
Aregawi Mebrahtu Hagos
Docteur ? MEBRAHTU HAGOS Aregawi Né le 11.09.1982 – 30 ans Nationalité : Ethiopien Chemin des Ambys 65 Permis de conduire B (Ethiopie) CH - 1247 Anières Tel : 076 402 69 79 MEDECIN GENERALISTE EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONNELLE Directeur médical et médecin généraliste Mars 2011/Juin 2012 Clinique Supérieure Sarah ; Khartoum, Soudan Prise en charge et suivi des patients Supervision de l’équipe (13 professionnels de santé) Activités médicales (opérations chirurgicales) Gestion de la pharmacie et des installations médicales Coordinateur du programme « People Living with HIV » Févr. 2009 / Janv. 2011 financement USAID ; Awassa, Ethiopie Supervision des 31 ONGs du projet Formation du personnel médical Rédaction de rapports du PATH (Programme Appropriate Technology in Health) Supervision des workshops et des formations Professeur et médecin généraliste Août 2008- Févr. 2009 Defense Health Sciences College / Hôpital des Armées ; Addis Abeda, Ethiopie Prise en charge et suivi des patients Conduite d’opérations chirurgicales Enseignement auprès des étudiants en santé Contribution au développement de la recherche médicale FORMATION Master en Santé Publique 2008 - 2010 Université de Jimma (Ethiopie), Santé Publique et Sciences Médicales Diplôme de Médecin Généraliste 2002 -2008 Université de Jimma (Ethiopie), Santé Publique et Sciences Médicales Licence en Sciences de Santé Publique 2001 -2007 Hôpital des Armées / Defense Health Sciences College, Addis Abeba (Ethiopie) Nombreux autres stages et formations concernant la santé (approximativement 6 mois au total) LANGUES & INFORMATIQUE Anglais Courant (C2) Français Conversationnel (B1) – en cours d’apprentissage intensif. Arabe Conversationnel (B1) Amharique Courant (C2) Tigrina Langue maternelle (C2) Maitrise de Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, SPSS et EPI-INFO software
— Aregawi Mebrahtu, Switzerland
I was born in Barcelona. I learnt Economics and worked for a MedTec company. The whole family came to Suisse Romande in Summer 2014. One year later we moved to the German part of Switzerland. I speak Spanish and Catalan as Mother Tongues and I am quite fluent at English, French and Italian and German .During my youth I was responsible for children groups at a Youth Center. During that time I organized activities such as Summer Camps and Center Celebrations.
— JORDI, Switzerland
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