Jim Rudolf
I want to: help reach a just & sustainable society; to help develop the Information Society; to get involved with the UN & NGOs in Geneva.
— Jim, Switzerland
Tara Lotstein
I'm an American graduate student pursuing a Europe-based international masters double degree in Russian, Central, and East European Studies. I'm currently a voluntary Hungarian to English translator for a UK non-profit. I've also studied Russian, Spanish, Romanian, and German. My dissertation focuses on one aspect of the Hungarian diaspora outside of Hungary. I love foreign films, museums, and fine arts.
— Tara, Hungary
Simon Méssina
je suis un jeune informaticien et je viens d'achever ma formation en technicien de son au CFPA/ CRTV Cameroun et je suis également un musicien de profession plus particulièrement un batteur j'ai suivie plein de formation en orientation dans le domaine des jeunes
— Simon, Cameroon
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